Registration of Foreign Chemical Suppliers -2023 (Foreign/International Suppliers)

Registration of Foreign Chemical Suppliers -2023  
( විදේශීය/ජාත්‍යන්තර රසායනික ද්‍රව්‍ය සැපයුම්කරුවන් / FOREIGN/INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL SUPPLIERS)
Please Download Documents using Below Links  


1) Download Full Advertisement Here -> Chemicals Advertisement 2023
2) Please Download the Application Here -> Chemicals_SupplierReg_2023(pdf) / Chemicals_SupplierReg_2023(word)
3) MA Letter Format> MA Letter Chemicals
4) USD 100 For Each Category Can be Paid using Below Link

Instructions to Suppliers

Please Read following Instructions for All Suppliers who wish to register for year 2023 as Chemical Supplier (Green Registration Enabled)

1) Please download paper advertisement published for registration of Chemical Suppliers
2) Please Download Relevant “Supplier Registration Application” and “Manufacturer Authorization Letter Format” from Related Link Above and Complete all 6 pages of relevant Application Form
3) Attachments required in Registration Form
4) Registration Request Letter in your company Letter Head
5) Completed Registration Form
6) Manufacturers Authorization Letter (compulsory)
7) Registration Fee can be paid using the link provided.
In The Payment Form , Type First Name , Last name and Correct email Address along with mobile number and your Postal Area and Nearest Town.

Any Further Registration Support can be taken in English or Tamil Language ( Weekdays Between 8.30AM – 4.30PM Colombo time)
Contact Telephone No: +94112432679 / +94112445440