Importation of Eggs by STC

STC has effectively tackled the egg scarcity and high prices in our country by importing approximately 122 million eggs up to November 2023. This task was completed in accordance with the guidance provided by the Ministry of Trade and under the supervision of Mr.Asiri Walisundara the Chairman of STC.These eggs are being made available to the public at an affordable price through SATHOSA outlets. This initiative not only ensures a steady supply of eggs to the market but also eases the financial burden on consumers, reflecting STC’s dedication to providing essential goods at reasonable prices.

In addition to importing eggs, STC has shown its commitment as a compassionate social contributor. Recently, in October, STC donated 20,000 eggs to the flood-stricken victims in the Matara District. This act of generosity not only provided essential nutrition to those in need but also demonstrated STC’s unwavering support for the community during challenging times. Such acts of kindness showcase STC’s dedication to making a positive impact and helping those affected by natural disasters