Exporting Sri Lankan Pepper


We Sri Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation, (STC) is a well established organization functioning under the purview of the Ministry of Internal trade, Food security & consumer welfare. STC has been in the Business over more than 49 years whilst catering quality products at affordable prices & Diversified into all trading sectors predominantly Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation is the government exporting arm who is capable of supplying original spices in Sri Lanka. Developing economic sustainability, uplift incomes of the farmers in rural areas in Sri Lanka & brought Sri Lankan spices to its best level in international market offering with best quality are the main objectives of us..


Sri Lankan pepper has a higher piperine content. Which gives it a superior quality and pungency. The piperine content in Sri Lankan black pepper is two times higher than the pepper found in other countries.

Black pepper is a warming spice relating to Ayurveda. It was administered to patients who suffered from such ailments as diarrhoea, constipation, arthritis, insect bites, and pulmonary and cardiovascular troubles. It also whets appetite and digestion, and it is good as a decongestant for a blocked nose.

Ceylon pepper benefits

1. Assists weight loss

2. Reduces the occurrence of cancer

3. Reduces blood sugar level

4. Lowers cholesterol level

5. A Natural antidepressant

6. Improves brain health

7. Reduces the occurrence of Pseudoseiure

8. Reduces early signs of aging

9. Treats gum inflammation

10. Reduces the symptoms of vitiligo


Black Pepper is produced from the green unripe berries of the Pepper plant and is the resultant dried whole fruit. Sri Lankan Black Pepper has a high Piperine content (and is widely used as a ” hot” cooking spice and seasoning. Extracts of black pepper are also extracted from whole berries, and have uses as both spice and flavoring agents in the food industry, also industrial uses in perfumery and the pharmaceutical industries.

Origin: 100% Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan spices have a special place in the heart of our culture well-known for its spicy cuisine reaching a time-honored history as Ceylon was popular as a spice island.

Pepper was found growing in the wild in ancient Sri Lanka and can be found as a home garden or a mid-range crop in Sri Lanka, today. It is mainly cultivated in low and mid regions with a cooler climate, in districts like Matale, Kandy, Kegalle, Kurunegala, Ratnapura, Badulla, and Monaragala.

Travelers & explorers of the ancient lands and climes arrived discovering the unknown. Exotic and vibrant lands of Asia led to their knowledge and introduction to spices from the orient. In that world of the days gone by Sri Lanka was named Taprobane, Serendip, and Ceylon. These explorers were mesmerized by the richness of our island’s spices than as now and it is this proud prestigious heritage that we continue to uphold by presenting the best organic spices lovingly grown and harvested by generations of skilled farmers whose livelihood remained intact timeless throughout the epochs

Black pepper is the world’s most traded spice. Known as the “King of spices”. It occupies the largest percentage in the international spice trade.

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